Our Pedigree Cheviot Flock

For many years the previous owners of Holystone Estate raised sheep of varying breeds including Blackface, Suffolk, Bluefaced Leicester and various crossed mules for meat production. 

We wanted more specialised top quality breeding stock and after much research, sourced pure-bred Cheviot ewes and rams to build the foundations of our flock. We chose the Cheviot because of their quality and suitability for the grazing conditions at the Estate.

Our ewes were purchased from Michael Aynsley’s well-known Wardshill flock and run with champion Cheviot rams. Our fine lambs were prize winners at the 2018 Longtown Show and Sale.

Our breeding ewes now number 1500 plus ewe lamb followers. At least 80% of the ewes will be lambed in the sheds and the remainder will lamb outside. Alongside the pure Cheviots we like to retain a number of Suffolk, Hexham Blackface and Blue face Leicester mules.

Ewes and lambs

Our sheep and lambs

Sheep grazing

Sheep grazing the land

Cheviot ewes in the shed

Cheviot Ewes

2 Blue-faced Leicester Rams

Blue-faced Leicester Rams

More about the Cheviot breed