Work with us

Work with us

Holystone Estate – A great place to live and work

It has been said that to find good people to work the land is like “trying to find hen’s teeth”. This can also be said of a good worker trying to find a good employer.

We have been employers for almost fifty years, and we recognise the importance of good working relationships. We sold our Turf business in 2010 as a going concern and nearly all of our former employees are still with the company. They still keep in touch and some have even been to visit the farm.

In order for us to achieve the goals we have set for Holystone Estate and to ensure it is run in accordance with our wishes, a trust is being prepared. This trust will ensure that our effort and investment so far is built upon and that Holystone Estate will continue to thrive into the future. As the business grows, new jobs will be created, which will, in turn, boost the local economy. 

Current Vacancies

There are no live vacancies at the moment. Come back soon to see the latest vacancies at Holystone Estate